Mountain Countdown is out in the world

Finally, Mountain Countdown (prequel novella in the Mont Blanc Rescue world) is out in the world. The best thing about writing a prequel novella like this one, is getting to meet the characters anew, and exploring their world from a different point of view.

In this case, this is Rémy’s story. He’s a Chamonix mountain guide who often works together with the PGHM team, but his story is his own, and I have to admit I found myself rooting for him and Sierra, even when the odds against them seemed insurmountable.

The rest of the team is there as well, of course. Damien, Drake, Kat, Jens, Gael, Hiro … they all play a role in Rémy’s story, which is set before any of team meet their significant others, of course. Seeing them at this point in their lives was a powerful reminder to me of how strong they are as a team, but also of how much they each had to offer to the people who would soon come into their lives! Let’s just say I was smiling a lot as I thought about it 🙂

Do reach out and let me know how you like the novella, if you pick it up! It’s available here, at multiple ebook retailers.

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